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Cardinal Spotlight

Medical Lake High School Class of 2018 Valedictorian Lauren Fletcher-Saue

I’ve lived in Medical Lake my entire life, and graduation has always been an impossible distance away. Over these four years I’ve enjoyed being a part of many teams and activities such as our school band and jazz band, Knowledge Bowl team, tennis team, and most prominently the robotics team (FRC 4513 The Circuit Breakers!). It will be hard to leave these incredible groups of people.
Next fall, I will be attending Stanford University to study Mathematical and Computational Science. This degree, heavily influenced by my experience in robotics, will allow me to combine my love for mathematics and my enjoyment for programming and discover how they work together. While I don’t know what career I want to pursue with this major, I do know that it will similarly include mathematics and technology. I plan on narrowing down career choices based on my experience in various courses and in summer internships.
As a freshman I never truly believed it when people told us how quickly high school would pass. However, I can’t be more excited for my future, learning as much as I can at Stanford, of all places, and finding a career I love. While I’m uncertain what specific career I might be found in, I can guarantee that, whether as a volunteer or a mentor, you’ll still find me involved with robotics.
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Taylor Cannon Class of 2018 Salutatorian

I flew for the first time at a young age. While boarding a Boeing 747, I caught a glimpse of the cockpit and when the stewardess asked me if I wanted to step inside, I was elated. I saw more buttons, toggles, switches, and gauges than I could count; and I wanted to know what every single one of them did. From that moment on, I was determined to study flight.

In the fall, I plan to study Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. I hope to become a proponent of aerospace and defense so that it might inspire others in the way it ensnared me with implicit intricacy and substance and to seek opportunities to combine my two passions: engineering and service.
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Spokane Scholars MLHS

Emilie Browning- Fine Arts Candidate

Taylor Cannon- Science Candidate

Allison Smith- English Candidate

Lauren Saue-Fletcher- Mathematics Candidate

Justyce Brant-Cogswell​- Social Studies Candidate
Tanner Henry (not pictured) World Languages Candidate
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MLHS Knowledge Bowl 1st in State!

Coaches: Virginia Luhn & Tara Feider
Varsity Team 1
Tanner Henry -Captain
Kaden Lee
Allison Smith
Taylor Cannon
Emilie Browning
Faraz Abounorinejad

Varsity Team 2
Sarah Ransom
Megan Goertz
Justyce Brant
Lauren Saue-Fletcher
Evan Peterson
Anthony Barnes
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