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Cardinal Spotlight

Class of 2019 Salutatorian Sarah Ransom

Sarah has always enjoyed learning new things and has found high school
both challenging and rewarding. She has participated in a variety of
activities including jazz band, National Honor Society, Knowledge
Bowl, Key Club, and Tennis. She excels in math and science as well as
a passion for helping others. She plans to attend the University of
Washington and major in nursing or another health-related field so she
may use her love for science to help others.
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Class of 2019 Salutatorian Megan Goertz

Megan has been involved in a wide variety of activities including volleyball, band, jazz band, Knowledge Bowl, and National Honor Society. Some of her favorite classes have been AP Biology, AP Calculus, and AP Language and Composition. She will attend Whitworth University in the fall and plans to double major in biology and education. She aspires to become either a genetic counselor or teacher.
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Class of 2019 Valedictorian Faraz Abounorinejad

Faraz is a student who loves to acquire new knowledge as well as developing a broad skill set. In doing so, he has participated in a variety of activities including jazz band, National Honor Society, Knowledge Bowl, basketball, and soccer. He excels in math and science and is especially enthusiastic about biology and medicine. It is for these reasons that he plans to attend Washington State University and major in physics while also doing pre-med, with the ultimate goal of entering medical school and becoming a radiologist.
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MLHS Security Fence

Dear ML Parents and Guardians,

We are writing to share some important information in regards to a safety improvement that was recently installed at Medical Lake High School. Some of you may already know or have noticed the installation of an additional fence on campus. This fence was installed to heighten building security and to address two specific and ongoing challenges at MLHS.

Challenge # 1

One of the challenges we have encountered is necessary student travel between the two main buildings that house student classrooms during the school day. Locking the doors between those buildings has caused a significant disruption for years. When students encounter locked doors, they tend to bang on that locked door until someone comes and opens it.

•The creation of a secured courtyard via the installation of this fence will allow students to travel between the two main buildings on campus during school hours without disruption.

Challenge #2:

Inability to create a secure campus which prevents unauthorized travelers passing through campus at any time throughout the day at their leisure without necessary credentials to be on campus.

•The installation of a fence will detour unauthorized people from walking through campus throughout the day.

We are confident that this safety upgrade, in addition to the new, main door single-entry system, will provide another layer of security to keep students safe at school.

Some important things to know:

•Gates are only locked from the outside
•Students may exit gates to leave campus at all times
•Gates will be open for students to access school from 6:50 AM - 7:55 AM
•Gates will be locked at 7:55 AM
•Gates will re-open at lunch from 12:00-12:25
•Gates will be locked at 12:25 and not open again until the following day at 6:50 AM

Students who arrive to school beyond 7:55, regardless of the reason, will use the main doors to access school.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am happy to discuss further.


Mr. Spring
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After years of conversation and collaboration Medical Lake High School has made the decision to open our campus during lunch break to all grade levels on a one year trial basis. At the point we will make a final decision to continue with the open campus concept, or possibly move to a closed campus for all grade levels.
Please see complete letter to parents from MLHS Principal Mr. Chris Spring attached below.
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