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Career & College Readiness Program

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                      and Career Readiness Program



Good Afternoon Running Start students (and families), 
I hope your quarter is off to a good start.  I wanted to provide you with some updates on the CCR/High School & Beyond Plan requirement for graduation and make sure you are working on them as we near the Student-Led Conferences on March 12th and 13th.  Below, I have attached a document listing some topics and the 12th grade checklist (required for completion of your CCR).  These items are expected to be part of your Student-Led Conference and Google Slides/PowerPoint presentation at the March conferences.  I will be sending out invitations for the SLC's in the next couple weeks, so please look for that email.
Most important for you to know is that all of the lessons and information on how to write documents (resumes, cover letters, etc.) can be found on your Xello account.  Directions to access Xello is at the top of the 2nd attached page.  You should be working on completion of a final resume, cover letter (addressed to an employer or scholarship committee, etc.), and asking someone close to you for a letter of recommendation (no family members).  Other than that, your SLC presentation should be a reflection/celebration of the past 3 1/2 years of high school in the areas of academics, personal/social/civic engagement, and your plan for after high school.  A google slides/PP template can be found here, by scrolling down the page on the right, if you choose to use it:
The lesson/quizzes on financial topics can also be found in your Xello account, under "Assignments."   You may need to click on "Show More" in order for all the lessons to appear.  Screen shots of the required lessons on budgeting and saving/investing should be included in your Google Slides/PowerPoint presentation to show proof of completion as well as a reflection of the activity.  What did you learn from the activity?  Why is this valuable or important to know?  We are trying to expose you to more information on finances before you are out on your own.  The quiz should be taken and can be taken as many times as needed to achieve 100%.  
❏ Updated/final Resume 
❏ Cover Letter (addressed to an employer, admission's committee, or scholarship committee, etc.)
❏ 1 Letter of Recommendation 
❏ Lesson/quiz - Budgeting: Reality Fair (found on Xello, under "Assignments") 
❏ Lesson/quiz - Saving & Investing  (found on Xello, under "Assignments") 
❏ Google Slides Presentation (Including reflection on Academics, Personal/Social/ Civic activities and Career/College plans) 
❏ Student-Led Conference (SLC)
As always, I am here to assist you if you have any questions.  I know the spring EVF's are due soon, so please make an appointment with me to ensure I am in the office and have time to meet with you.  Email works best for getting a hold of me.


Medical Lake HS CCR






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