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Career & College Readiness Program

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                      and Career Readiness Program



Medical Lake High School College and Career Ready Program



Why? The intent of CCR is to:


  1. Connect ALL students to a trusted adult/advisor in the school
  2. Guide students through a series of lessons, activities, and presentations that will assist them in determining a path for their future
  3. Prepare and present a High School & Beyond Plan during a Student-Led Conference in the spring of 2019


**Washington State requires students to develop a High School and Beyond Plan that addresses how they will meet high school graduation requirements and their post-secondary intentions. A student’s plan, which is revised as he/she moves through high school, includes the necessary classes for a two or four-year postsecondary pathway, a technical college, an apprenticeship program, a certificate program, the workforce or military training.


Where and When?


  • CCR will take place every other Friday during the regular school day
  • Students will meet in their advisor’s classroom (or designated location) between 3rd period and lunch (11:05 a.m. to 11:45 p.m.).


What does this look like?


Students will be exposed to classroom lessons, group presentations and activities via a new software program called “Xello” (formerly Career Cruising). Students will have their own account, specific to their grade level, allowing them to take career interest inventories, build a resume, start an activity log, and map out a course plan for high school. They can also search various educational pathways, schools, financial aid options and much more.


Earning Credit?


Students will have the opportunity to earn a .25 elective credit each year (.5 credit in their senior year) of CCR through sufficient attendance, completion of various assignments and activities, and by facilitating their own Student-Led Conference in the spring. A student who successfully completes each year of CCR has the potential to earn 1.25 elective credit which is the equivalent of just over two full semesters.


  • CCR course grades will be Pass/Fail and transcribed at the end of each school year.
  • Seniors have the opportunity to earn .5 elective credit, as they have more components to complete.
  • CCR is a graduation requirement for all seniors.


Running Start Students

Running Start Students not in attendance during the designated CCR time will be assigned an advisor and will work with that advisor to complete their CCR requirements independently. This year, full-time Running Start juniors will work with Mrs. Wilbanks (Counselor) and full-time Running Start seniors will work with Mrs. Prewitt (Counselor).


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NCAA & NAIA Information
If you are interested in playing college athletics please see the following websites; and/or
for more information. 
Community Resource Guide
Accredited Online Colleges and Universities
An education-focused resource that includes several comprehensive database which allows anyone to search for accredited online schools throughout the nation, specific online degree programs, or online colleges in Washington State that can help you pursue an education and career of your choice.
WA State Opportunity Scholarship
Washington State Opportunity Scholarship