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Senior Year Grads Info

Class of 2021
Welcome Senior Class of 2021
Graduation June 12, 2021
Please click on the link below to view the Dollars for Scholars Award Presentation, created and presented by the Dollars for Scholars Board of Directors in partnership with Davin Perry. 
We appreciate all of the volunteers who are a part of this amazing organization and appreciate all the work they do to help our MLHS students access higher education and training! THANK YOU, Medical Lake Dollars for Scholars! 

Please watch this important video regarding graduation information from Mr. Spring! 

Graduation Information Video - Important!   

Video Summary - 

  • Graduation, 11:00 am, Northern Quest Outdoor Venue Event Center 
  • Entrances and Parking (Click here for property map) 
  • Student Arrival Time/Guest Arrival Time
  • Graduate Attire 
  • Tickets 
  • Detailed COVID-19 Restrictions 
  • Diplomas mailed next week 
Senior All Nighter

Dear Parents/Guardians:

As you know, tomorrow the 2021-2022 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) becomes available online. For our Senior Parent Night, we are encouraging you to listen to our presentation while also working on your FAFSA. You will need the following documents to reference when you complete the FAFSA:

  • Social Security Card

  • Student’s Social Security Card

  • Drivers License (if applicable)

  •  Alien Registration Number (if applicable)

  • Tax Returns for 2019

  • No Taxes? Records of Untaxed Income

    • Child Support paid or received

    • Interest Income

    • Veterans noneducational benefits

    • W2’s 2019

  • Information on cash/savings/checking balances 

  • Value of investments/ real estate (not for the home you live in) 

  • Business/farm asset value

I recommend having your student log-in to the presentation using their email, while you use another device to begin the FAFSA (link to be sent tomorrow). 
And remember, don’t forget to register for your FSA ID in advance! You will need this to electronically sign the FAFSA when it is complete.

The Dollars for Scholars Application is now open! 

Dollars for Scholars has a local chapter here in Medical Lake which awards thousands of dollars each year to Medical Lake High School seniors.  Scholarships are awarded to a variety of students, entering a variety of post-secondary pathways (i.e., 2-year college, 4-year college, technical schools and accredited apprenticeships).  Please see the link below to access the Dollars for Scholars account and to start a new account. 

Sherry Niblock will be available during lunch in the 901 every Tuesday and Thursday or by email at if you have questions or need help. 

Mrs. Prewitt is also available to help after school on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the library from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm with this scholarship and any other help you may need. 
Please remember that these are local scholarships available to only MLHS students so your chances of getting awarded a scholarship are VERY GOOD!
Parent's Guide to College Applications

College application deadlines are quickly approaching. Here are some helpful tips to help your student with their college applications:

1. If your student qualified for a SAT or ACT fee waiver they will most likely also qualify for an application fee waiver. Contact an admissions representative from the College or University your student wants to apply and ask for a fee waiver.

2. Find out the application deadlines for the colleges and universities that your student is interested in applying.

3. In general, schools will look at the following factors: high school courses, grade point average (GPA), class ranking, test scores (SAT/ACT), personal essays, extracurricular activities, other personal or special skills, and letters of recommendation. Every college weighs these factors differently and some school's may not require all of them. Your best bet is to read the college/university material and try to get a feel for a particular school's philosophy.

4. If the college/university requires official transcripts have your student make a request with Mrs. Kim Zappone in the counseling center.

5. Encourage your student to get multiple letters of recommendation from teachers (at least one from a core area i.e. Math or English), coaches, and community members. People who know your student the best, can write well, and can speak to their abilities, achievements and growth. There are letter of recommendation forms available in the counseling center that students can give teachers to help write letters. Allow at least two weeks for people to complete letters of recommendation.

6. Not all schools require an essay, but if they do help your student to use it to their advantage. Encourage them to write an essay that will help them shine through to the admissions board. Have them speak to how their presence on that school's campus will make a difference. Offer to edit and review their essay or help them find someone who can give constructive feedback.

7. Make sure that your student makes copies of paper applications, or prints a copy of an online application to keep for their records. They may also want to update schools of any subsequent events such as new SAT or ACT scores, and if they receive any awards or achievements.
If you and your student want to know more about available scholarships and how to go about applying for them, please join the Scholarships 2020-2021 Google Classroom with the class code lm64kqd. 
Scholarships are not just for students going to a four year college, and students don’t have to have a 4.0 to get one! If you are pursuing any education or training past high school, you should be applying for scholarships. 
I will also be hosting a College and Career Work Time every Thursday from 2:30 to 4:00 pm STARTING NEXT THURSDAY, October 8, for your senior to virtually drop in and work on college applications, scholarships, job applications and more. This meeting will be held in the Class of 2021 Classroom (class code o6l35ut).
I will be posting these sessions in Google calendar, so please make sure to check that often!  
Dear Senior Parent,
If your student is considering attending college after high school (two year, four year, vocational program), please be ready to fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), available October 1 for the 2021-2022 Academic Year at
The FAFSA is your best chance to access financial help you may be eligible for in order for your student to attend a college, university, or vocational program. Unless you know your student is entering the workforce directly out of high school, please plan on completing a FAFSA for access to grants, loans, and some institutional scholarships.
Before you complete the FAFSA, you and your student will each need an FSA ID to provide your signature electronically.
After you and your student have each completed this task, please have your student complete the google form in my Class of 2021 Google Classroom (Class Code o6135ut). Even if you aren't going to complete the FAFSA, please still have your student complete the google form here:
On October 1 from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm, we will have a virtual parent night called Paying For College: What You Need to Know. More information to come soon!
As always, please email or call me with questions.
Lisa Prewitt
School Counselor
Class of 2021