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Senior Year Grads Info

Class of 2020
Good morning seniors, 
I hope you are all doing OK under the circumstances.  I know I am missing coming to work each day and seeing your faces.  If you are struggling with anything, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.  There are many unknowns right now and we have to take it day by day and support each other. 
I wanted to remind you of a couple of important things:
1) Please join my Google Classroom for the Class of 2020.   You may have to copy and paste the link.
I try to post information and content that might be useful to you. 

Classroom link:

Class Code: r4bdsvf


2)  For transcript requests please go to:

If you need ACT or SAT scores sent with the transcript, please indicate that on the form. We have access to ACT score reports, but SAT scores are not always available and may have to be ordered directly from College Board.
3)  Remember, the deadline for the Dollars for Scholars Applications has been extended to May 22nd!  So, you have plenty of time to work on that.  You can put my name (Lori Wilbanks, 509-565-3274) as the school official to upload transcripts.  Go here to create an account if you haven’t already:
4) If you were working on a GradPoint credit recovery class (or any other credit recovery), please continue to work on that.  If you don’t have access to internet, reach out to me ASAP.  If you need a quiz or test reset, please continue to communicate with Mrs. Smith ( or I.  I will soon be reaching out to you to make sure you know what you need to complete for graduation.  It is essential you are checking your school emails.  
As always, let me know if you have anything on your heart or mind.  I will do my best to assist you or just listen.
Take care, 
Mrs. Wilbanks
Senior Counselor
We at Dollars for Scholars are committed to supporting the class of 2020 with financial award scholarships as we have done for every senior class since our inception in 1999.  HOW we accomplish this will understandably need to change during this time of uncertainty and rapidly evolving societal expectations and mandates.  To that end, we are pleased to announce that we have pushed out our scholarship application deadline to MAY 22, 2020.    This is the latest date we feel we can accommodate and still stay on track to deliver checks to the appropriate colleges, universities, and trade programs in time for the Fall 2020 session.  For those who have not fully completed your applications, this should give you plenty of time to do so.  For those of you who have not even begun, this should give you time to complete the entire process.
Please log into ChapterNet every few weeks as we are constantly making adjustments and refining both the scholarships themselves as well as the application process to better meet your needs.  These changes could mean you may be eligible for additional scholarships where you were not before.
Should you need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our scholarship chair Sherry Niblock at or text her at 509-499-1002.
We want to encourage all students to stay home, stay safe, and wash your hands well and often!


CCR Updates: 
Items to be working on include:
1) A cover letter (to be addressed to a potential employer, college, scholarship committee, etc)
2) An updated Resume
3) One letter of recommendation 
4) Your Google Slides/Power Point Presentation (see link below for template to guide you)
5) There will be a lesson and quiz on Budgeting and Saving/Investing - I will send out links and information when that becomes available. 
Use this link to navigate to a High School and Beyond Template/Google Slides presentation for 12th grade toward the bottom right of the page.
As always, study hard and finish the quarter strong.  Let me know if you need anything or have questions about CCR, graduation, etc. 
Mrs. Wilbanks
Parent's Guide to College Applications

College application deadlines are quickly approaching. Here are some helpful tips to help your student with their college applications:

1. If your student qualified for a SAT or ACT fee waiver they will most likely also qualify for an application fee waiver. Contact an admissions representative from the College or University your student wants to apply and ask for a fee waiver.

2. Find out the application deadlines for the colleges and universities that your student is interested in applying.

3. In general, schools will look at the following factors: high school courses, grade point average (GPA), class ranking, test scores (SAT/ACT), personal essays, extracurricular activities, other personal or special skills, and letters of recommendation. Every college weighs these factors differently and some school's may not require all of them. Your best bet is to read the college/university material and try to get a feel for a particular school's philosophy.

4. If the college/university requires official transcripts have your student make a request with Mrs. Kim Zappone in the counseling center.

5. Encourage your student to get multiple letters of recommendation from teachers (at least one from a core area i.e. Math or English), coaches, and community members. People who know your student the best, can write well, and can speak to their abilities, achievements and growth. There are letter of recommendation forms available in the counseling center that students can give teachers to help write letters. Allow at least two weeks for people to complete letters of recommendation.

6. Not all schools require an essay, but if they do help your student to use it to their advantage. Encourage them to write an essay that will help them shine through to the admissions board. Have them speak to how their presence on that school's campus will make a difference. Offer to edit and review their essay or help them find someone who can give constructive feedback.

7. Make sure that your student makes copies of paper applications, or prints a copy of an online application to keep for their records. They may also want to update schools of any subsequent events such as new SAT or ACT scores, and if they receive any awards or achievements.