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Counseling » New Student Registration

New Student Registration

New Student Registration 

Hello and welcome to Medical Lake High School.  If you are needing to register a new student for the 2021-2022 school year, please follow the steps below.  We look forward to meeting you!  

1.) Fill out the online enrollment forms here.
2.) Have your student fill out a Course Registration Google Form based on their grade level for Fall 2021 (having a transcript or record of courses taken will be extremely helpful when filling this out):

New Student Class of 2022 Course Registration Form  (Seniors)


New Student Class of 2023 Course Registration Form (Juniors)


New Student Class of 2024 Course Registration Form (Sophomores)


New Student Class of 2025 Course Registration Form  (Freshmen)

3.) Schedule an appointment with the appropriate grade level counselor on August 23rd, 24th or 27th. These appointments can be in person or virtual (your preference) and will allow you to ask questions, clarify schedules, and make sure all paperwork is turned in.


Freshmen (Class of 2025) and Juniors (Class of 2023) 

Lisa Prewitt 

Phone: (509) 565-3275

Schedule an appointment here


Sophomores (Class of 2024) and Seniors (Class of 2022) 

Lori Wilbanks

Phone: (509) 565-3274

Schedule an appointment here