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Class Olympic Games

Sign-up now for our 1st Annual Spring Class Olympic games.  Check your student email for the registration link.  Students can register for one event, plus compete in the after school events. 
In addition to the Olympic class trophy, there will be over a dozen events to compete in during May for a chance to win an early lunch release and donuts and first release for your yearbook!    Individual class MVP awards & prizes will also be chosen.   Each of the registration events will consist of one boy and one girl from each class. 


May 6th Assembly  (Must Register)

Basketball Tic-Tac-Toe - 1:55 PM
Guess the Song - 2:05 PM
Water Bottle Flip - 2:15 PM

May 11th Assembly  (Sign Up at Office)

Class Spike Ball Tournament - 5 PM (Bus Loop Grass)

May 13th Assembly  (Must Register) 

Water Balloon Toss - 1:50 PM
Sponge Bucket Relay - 2:00 PM
Egg and Spoon Race - 2:10 PM
Ring Toss - 2:20 PM

May 18th Assembly  (Sign Up at Office)

Class Kick Ball Tournament - 5 PM (Bus Loop Grass)

May 20th Assembly   (Must Register) 

Obstacle Course - 1:50 PM
Musical Chairs - 2:00 PM
Three Legged Race - 2:10 PM
Putting Rounds - 2:20 PM

May 16 - 20 Dress-Up Days

Monday (5/16) - Pajama Day
Students will wear their pajamas to school.
Tuesday (5/17)  - Bring Anything But A Backpack 
Students will bring anything but a backpack to carry their school supplies (laundry basket, wagon, instrument case).
Wednesday (5/18) - Meme Day 
Students will dress as their favorite internet meme.
Thursday (5/19) - Throwback Thursday
Students will recreate an old outfit from their childhood.
Friday (5/20) - Crazy School Spirit 
Students will wear their craziest outfit. This outfit must incorporate school colors (red, yellow, white, and black are acceptable). There will be a vote by staff for the "craziest outfit" (one student from each grade), and whoever wins the contest will earn an individual prize. The outfit must incorporate school colors to win points.
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