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Dear Families,

The air quality in our region has been compromised due to several wildfires burning in and around our state.
As a result of the smoke in the air,  we will use the information from the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency  to evaluate air quality on a daily basis. That information will determine indoor or outdoor practices. Fall Sports Practice Schedule
An air quality measurement of 151 or above will result in indoor practicesIf the number is 150 or below, we will practice outside and monitor all students accordingly. 
The link we will use to acquire this information is provided below and will be the "official" Medical Lake School District source for evaluating air quality. We mention this because there are other sites that take measurements as well that can conflict with the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency reading and we want to be very clear about our plan.
The safety of our athletes is our number one priority without exception. Our licensed sports trainer will also be available at fall practices to assist coaches in taking the absolute best care of our student athletes.
If you have any questions, contact Mr. Blayne. Otherwise, let's all hope for cleaner air.
Go Cards!
Required Athletic Forms
 The Choice form is required for students to participate in sports
if you are a choice in student to
Medical Lake High School from another district.
Athletic Eligibility Forms
*Please read the MLHS Athletic/Activity Code & Sign the signature form
*Complete the MLSD Annual Health Record Update/Emergency Form
*Submit a MLSD Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation (good for 1 year)
*Read and sign the Sport Specific Warning and Safety Agreement Form
*Purchase an ASB card $35
*Pay the Athletic Participation Fee $20
*Pay all fines and fees in order to participate
*Turn in all paperwork prior to practice or competition