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Senior Year Grads Info

Class of 2017 Valedictorians
Gabriel L. Mangione
Connor A. Hart
 Gabriel Mangione    Connor Hart
Class of 2017 Salutatorian
Nickolas M. Isherwood
Nickolas Isherwood
Class of 2017 Senior Spotlight
Joshua W. Strieb
Joshua W. Strieb
This is the last opportunity to place your order for senior sweats!  A couple families have asked me for this chance, so the sales rep graciously opened it back up.  Don’t miss out! 
Orders will need to be placed by March 31st, with delivery the week of April 14th.  All items are delivered to the school unless you specify otherwise.
Please direct specific product questions to Kert Carlson at 714-3777.
Graduation Announcements will be delivered to MLHS Wednesday March 29th During Lunch (11:54-12:24) in the foyer.
If you owe a balance on your order please pay in advance.
This is just another reminder that the Medical Lake Dollars for Scholars application deadline is coming up MARCH 18 THIS IS AN EXTENSION! Your student should be completing their profiles and communicating with the individuals they want to put down as references, ASAP.  
Please use this extra time to get your application completed!  Students can log back in to their applications at the link below, or click on "Don't have an account yet? Create one here" to start an account.
A couple things to note:
1) If your student is under 18, they have to have parental consent to submit their application.  You will receive an email asking for this consent if your son/daughter entered it in their account.
2) They will need a total of 2 recommendations.  These can come from teachers, counselors, employers, community members, etc.  It is polite to give at least 2 weeks notice and provide that person with a form that lists out activities, awards, projected career, etc.
If your student is having trouble with their application, please have them see me.  I am happy to have them log-in and work with them.  Here are some things to remember:
1) Your profile needs to be 100% complete (all the tabs on the side turn green), in order for the list of scholarships to appear.  Your references DO NOT have to complete their recommendations in order for this to happen.  If one of the bars in not turning green, chances are you have missed a question;  it is very particular.
2) Once you are complete with your profile, you will need to click on “My Scholarships.”  In the top, right hand corner, your student should see a box in red letters that says “References.”  You will need to enter additional references at this point, in order for your scholarships to appear.  If you don’t have two more people that know you well, I would recommend putting the name of your first reference down again.  This just means they will get 2 email requests, but it is not a problem.  
3) Please remember, teachers are busy, so giving them 2 weeks notice is polite (which would have been 2 days ago), and asking them prior to sending the email is also a good idea.  Don’t forget that you can ask employers, community members, coaches, etc. as well.  
4) Once your list of scholarships appear, you must hit the “apply,” button for each one.  You haven’t truly applied until you do this last step.  Some scholarships will have a couple more questions to answer at this point. 
5) If a list of scholarships is not populating, it may be that you need to go back and input that you live in the Medical Lake School District.  Even if you are a choice student, and live out of district, you must put Medical Lake School District down in order for the scholarships to appear. 
Let me know if you have questions and thanks!
Lori Wilbanks
Senior Counselor
We are official now we have picked a theme for the Senior All Nighter ....... Life is a Highway!! If you would like to be a part of this amazing night please come to the meeting and get involved in all the excitement. We have volunteers from all grade levels because they want to be ready for their child when they are seniors so get started now. We are so excited about this years senior all Nighter it is going to be so much
fun for our Senior Class of 2017!
Please fell free to contact me with any questions or concerns....
Karri (509)299-9249 or
Parent's Guide to College Applications

College application deadlines are quickly approaching. Here are some helpful tips to help your student with their college applications:

1. If your student qualified for a SAT or ACT fee waiver they will most likely also qualify for an application fee waiver. Contact an admissions representative from the College or University your student wants to apply and ask for a fee waiver.

2. Find out the application deadlines for the colleges and universities that your student is interested in applying.

3. In general, schools will look at the following factors: high school courses, grade point average (GPA), class ranking, test scores (SAT/ACT), personal essays, extracurricular activities, other personal or special skills, and letters of recommendation. Every college weighs these factors differently and some school's may not require all of them. Your best bet is to read the college/university material and try to get a feel for a particular school's philosophy.

4. If the college/university requires official transcripts have your student make a request with Mrs. Kim Zappone in the counseling center.

5. Encourage your student to get multiple letters of recommendation from teachers (at least one from a core area i.e. Math or English), coaches, and community members. People who know your student the best, can write well, and can speak to their abilities, achievements and growth. There are letter of recommendation forms available in the counseling center that students can give teachers to help write letters. Allow at least two weeks for people to complete letters of recommendation.

6. Not all schools require an essay, but if they do help your student to use it to their advantage. Encourage them to write an essay that will help them shine through to the admissions board. Have them speak to how their presence on that school's campus will make a difference. Offer to edit and review their essay or help them find someone who can give constructive feedback.

7. Make sure that your student makes copies of paper applications, or prints a copy of an online application to keep for their records. They may also want to update schools of any subsequent events such as new SAT or ACT scores, and if they receive any awards or achievements.